New Tamware Door Systems In Krakow Tram

Tamware door controller family flagship TW-465 has started its operation in Krakow, Poland. 7 pieces of TW-465 door controller were installed with Tamware Finslide door systems on a 7-door tram. Start-up was a success and people of Krakow can now enjoy the safety and smooth operation of these Tamware doors, controlled by TW-465.

TW-465 is a world-class door controller designed for any type of doors on any type of rail vehicles. It fully meets the railway electronics standard EN50155. Some features include but are not limited to

  • control of electric or pneumatic door
  • control of 1 or 2 leaf door
  • control of all door peripherals including door step, ramp, buttons, safety functions, diagnostics and several warning signals
  • I/O mapping and wide range parameter adjustments to fully meet all customer requirements
  • Communications via CAN / conventional wiring

TW-465 is also fully compatible with Tamware diagnostics devices TW-100 (PC software) and TW-436 (hand-held device).