Modular Documents For Modular Products

Tamware is in the process of reforming our product documentation procedures. We see that in addition to delivering physical products with reliability and excellence product documentation must also respond to the high standards of the product. Appropriate installation, maintenance and spare part documentation provided with the physical door system is a vital part of total value delivered to the customer.

Modularity is the key concept in making documentation process efficient while maintaining the quality of the delivered information. Using and modifying existing documentation to specific customer needs is effortless when the door systems are built out of modules such as door leaves, mechanisms and operating rods. Specific documentation is linked to each of these modules and can be used to rapidly form comprehensive product manuals.

Our goal is that vehicle manufacturers will be able to easily utilize the documentation of the Tamware door systems when creating vehicle documentation for the end customer. Carefully formed product manuals enable the customers to benefit from our products with their full potential.