Door Diagnostics: Faster Trouble Shooting

Do you not know what is wrong with your door? Are you not happy with your door functioning?

Tamware has launched two new diagnostics interfaces to the market and they are now ready to be ordered. Diagnostics interfaces include TW-100 and TW-436. TW-100 is diagnostics software for every Windows computer as TW-436 is a pocket size diagnostics device.

With TW-100/TW-436 and the provided interface cabling, you can log into Tamware door and access all the diagnostics available:

  • Adjust door operation with door parameters
  • Monitor door states and test drive the door
  • Read diagnostics values (i.e. cycle count of the door)
  • Monitor the whole system (multiple doors)

Tamware diagnostics devices communicate with the doors using CAN bus and are fully compatible with every type of the Tamware door controllers (TW-165, TW-265 and TW-465).