Manual Doors

Tamware offers three different types of manually operated door solutions: Plug door, which works off a vertical operating rod. This type of door is used either as an entrance or rear emergency door system. Hinged door, which has concealed sealing leaving a clean external appearance. Side hatches mainly for special projects. Read more from the Manual Doors product data sheet.

Door Control

The Tamware door control family is designed for controlling doors on buses, coaches, trams and trains. The family consists of two controllers: TW-265 and TW-465. TW-265 Designed for controlling both external and internal electric door systems on trams, buses and coaches Wide operational temperature range of -40 and +75 °C Diagnostics software (TW-100) and a portable diagnostics terminal (TW-236) for easy configuration and operation Communicates […]

Arctic – Outswinging Door Systems

Tamware’s Arctic-type door is an outswinging plug door system designed for inter-city and coach markets. A manually-operated or electric version of this door is also available for minibus applications. Arctic doors can be used in the front, middle or rear of the vehicle. They are available both as a single and a double leaf version. Read more from the Arctic product data sheet.  

Pallas – Outswinging Door Systems

A Pallas-type door is an outswinging door system which enables quicker stops through flexible passenger flow in and out of the vehicle. The Pallas door is available in both a single and double leaf version, and with the option of a pneumatic or electric door mechanism. Easy maintenance is guaranteed by the door mechanism’s simple construction. […]