Manual Doors

Tamware offers three different types of manually operated door solutions: Plug door, which works off a vertical operating rod. This type of door is used either as an entrance or rear emergency door system. Hinged door, which has concealed sealing leaving a clean external appearance. Side hatches mainly for special projects. Read more from the Manual Doors product data sheet.

Finslide – Sliding Plug Door Systems

Tamware has a long history and a vast amount of expertise in designing and manufacturing sliding plug door systems. These types of door systems are suitable for use on applications such as city-, inter-city and trolley buses; metros, trains and trams. Tamware’s Finslide-type door system requires minimal space both inside and outside the vehicle. When the door slides open it […]

Door Control

The Tamware door control family is designed for controlling doors on buses, coaches, trams and trains. The family consists of two controllers: TW-265 and TW-465. TW-265 Designed for controlling both external and internal electric door systems on trams, buses and coaches Wide operational temperature range of -40 and +75 °C Diagnostics software (TW-100) and a portable diagnostics terminal (TW-236) for easy configuration and operation Communicates […]